Archived Webinar Summary

For decades malpractice claims have provided the only insight we have had into understanding diagnostic error. However, these claims significantly underrepresent the magnitude of the diagnostic error problem.

Fortunately, recent research has highlighted actual practice patterns associated with diagnostic errors.

Watch as Drs. Sullivan and Syzek outline key research takeaways and how we can apply them to reduce patient morbidity and mortality, human suffering, hospital stays, and negative hospital impressions.

In this webinar replay, you’ll learn:

  • The real frequency and severity of the diagnostic error problem 
  • The fundamental issues that give rise to misdiagnosis, adverse patient outcomes and the related economic and human costs
  • Strategies to prevent a missed or delayed diagnosis






Dan Sullivan, MD, JD, FACEP

President & CEO

The Sullivan Group






Tom Syzek, MD, FACEP

VP Education

The Sullivan Group


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