Improve Patient Experience & Patient Satisfaction Scores

Give your providers access to the communication training they need to positively impact the patient satisfaction metrics by which they are measured. Our PatientSET Program delivers actionable training to improve bedside communication and leave both patients and providers more satisfied with their encounter. Organizations who implement this training see fewer patients complaints and medico-legal headaches.

Give Your Clinicians the Interpersonal Skills to Improve Patient Experience

Patient Experience Library - 47 Right & Wrong Way Videos

9 Clinical Scenarios, 9 Videos

Courses Include:

Man with cough - Wrong Way

First Impression; Woman with trouble breathing, heart racing - Wrong Way

Game-time; Man with coughing up blood - Right Way

First Impression; Woman with headache & angry spouse - Right Way

8 Clinical Scenarios, 16 Videos

Courses Include:

Man with cough/case of missed lung cancer - Right & Wrong Way

Man with blood in stool/case of missed colon cancer - Right & Wrong Way

Woman with dyspnea and heart racing/case of missed pulmonary embolism - Right & Wrong Way

5 Clinical Scenarios, 6 Videos

Courses Include:

Man with cough, fever - Wrong Way

First Impression - Right Way

Game-Time - Right Way

Final Closing & Thank You - Right Way

Woman with dyspnea and heart racing - Right & Wrong Way

8 Clinical Scenarios, 16 Videos

Courses Include:

Missed Appendicitis - Right & Wrong Way

Missed Pulmonary Embolism - Right & Wrong Way

Post-procedure Wound Infection - Right & Wrong Way

Case-Based Video Scenarios Outline Right & Wrong Way to Interact

"The whole series was really helpful. The videos are more helpful than just reading words. It makes you aware of your nonverbal signs that you send to patients and families that can make or break the relationship. I see why people get poor ratings when they act like this."

Rachel P.

Teaching Critical Communication Skills

"This was a particularly valuable activity and reminded/reinforced very basic but crucial interpersonal skills. I was also intrigued by the evidence correlating patient satis­faction with malpractice activity."

Dr. Patrick S.

Learn from Real Life Scenarios

"Excellent presentations and adaptation of scenarios. This is exactly what we encounter on a daily basis. "

Anon C.

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