Reduce the Risks Associated with New Physicians

Optimize physician onboarding in risk and safety and systemize ongoing compliance training for all employed physicians. Our Physician Integration Program of 35+ case-based courses provides the blueprint you need to keep your physicians, patients and organization safe.

Placing Best Practices at the Fingertips of Your Physicians

Comprehensive Physician Integration Library

Courses Include:

Anatomy of a Medical Negligence Lawsuit

Against Medical Advice

Cyber Liability Case Law

EMTALA Fundamentals

Duty to Warn Third Parties

Courses Include:

11 Simple Strategies to Prevent Medication Errors

Cognitive Errors in Medicine

Creating a Culture of Safety

Handoffs, Transitions, Discharges: Key Moments in Patient Care

Courses Include:

7 Strategies to Reduce Hospital Readmissions

Healthcare-Associated Infections

PatientSET™: Introduction for All Healthcare Providers

Courses Include:

Healthcare Provider Impairment: Identification & Management

Physician Burnout

Courses Include:

Hospital Medicine: Risk & Safety Overview Part 1

Obstetrics: Overview of Closed Claims 2007-2014

Risk & Safety Overview in Emergency Medicine Parts 1 & 2

Surgery: Risk & Safety Overview

40,000+ Clinicians in 900 facilities use RSQ® Solutions

"I actually enjoyed this course and I found it to be completely relative to my area of practice. It was a nice refresher to keep a heightened awareness of the things we already do and are mindful of in everyday practice."

Tina P.

40,000+ Clinicians in 900 facilities use RSQ® Solutions

"This was an excellent course. More providers need to understand the importance of these strategies in order to be successful in today’s medical world."

Jacob C.

40,000+ Clinicians in 900 facilities use RSQ® Solutions

"New information to me - presented in concise and easy to understand fashion. Very helpful. I anticipate it will change my practice in beneficial ways."

Karl A.

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