Triage High-Risk Patients More Accurately & Rapidly

High-quality patient care in the emergency department hinges on a rapid, accurate assessment of the patient’s acuity level at triage. Optimize your team’s ability to rapidly and accurately assign the appropriate acuity level with RSQ® Education - Triage Fundamentals. Leverage this program to focus on high-risk patient care improvements, optimize triage competency processes, and onboard new hires quickly, regardless of experience level.

Empower Your Nursing Community with RSQ® Education - Triage Fundamentals

Comprehensive Triage Fundamentals Library

Courses Include:

The Risky Business of Triage

Triage Practice Standards

Triage Assessment & Documentation

Triage Policy, Procedures & Guidelines

Courses Include:

Head, Neck, EENT

Pain: Chest, Abdomen, Back, Extremity

Fever, Seizure, Heat/Cold Emergencies, Syncope

Inhalant Abuse, Toxicities, Behavior Changes

Courses Include:

Violence Potentials & Victims

Customer Service Perceptions

Special Considerations at Triage

Case-Based Courses Improve Retention

"Best online education I’ve ever had in my 17 years of nursing. The case samples kept my interest because they were not made up or fictional. You presented real life catastrophes for us to learn from. Excellent!"

Amanda P.

40,000+ Clinicians in 900 facilities use RSQ® Solutions

"As I complete each module, I am struck by both the scope and information that these modules encompass. My practice and triage considerations have been significantly impacted by this educational offering."

Carol H.

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