Elevate Nursing Care & Improve Patient Safety

Level-set the knowledge of your clinical workforce and ensure your emergency department nurses are armed with key risk management and patient safety principles. This RSQ® Education - Nursing Clinical Excellence Program improves clinical judgment and critical thinking skills through case-based courses covering a variety of emergency department patient presentations.

Reduce the Variability of Patient Care

Nursing Clinical Excellence Library

Courses Include:

Care of the Geriatric Patient in the ED

Endocrine Emergencies

Pain Management Challenges in the ED

Courses Include:

Behavioral Health-Related Presentations Part 1

Behavioral Health-Related Presentations Part 2

Courses Include:

Acute Decompensated Heart Failure & Hemodynamic Montioring

The Many Aspects of SHOCK

Cardiovascular Emergencies

Essentials of Patient Safety

Courses Include:

Alterations in Fluid and Electrolytes

Hematological Emergencies and Blood Administration

Courses Include:

Care of the Laboring Patient in the ED

Care of the Newborn in the ED

Care of the Obstetrical Patient in the ED

Courses Include:

Neurological Assessment for the ED Nurse

Neurological Emergencies

Stroke Care: Nursing Care in the ED

Courses Include:

Active Shooter in a Healthcare Environment

National Patient Safety Goals

Courses Include:

Child Abuse

Pediatric Initial Approach & Assessment

Pediatric Sepsis

Courses Include:

Bites - Stings - Envenomations

Wound Management for the ED Nurses

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