Improving Safety in Surgery

An estimated 80 surgical never events happen each week. Reduce the likelihood of never events and litigation with The Sullivan Group's RSQ® Education - Surgery. This online program emphasizes clinical judgment and decision-making throughout the surgical process. Coursework addresses the four most common surgical safety issues, including informed consent, retained foreign bodies, wrong site/patient/procedure, and surgical complications.

Improving Clinical Judgment, Communication and Documentation

Surgery Risk & Safety Library

Courses Include:

Against Medical Advice

Anatomy of Medical Negligence Lawsuit

Duty of Care: The Provider-Patient Relationship

Courses Include:

Communication Strategies to Improve Patient Safety in High-Risk Situations

Handoffs, Transitions, Discharges: Key Moments in Patient Care

Essentials of Patient Safety

Courses Include:

Anesthesia: Risk Management Issues

Risks in Decision-Making

Risks with Informed Consent

Risks in the Preoperative Phase

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