Improve Safety of Behavioral Health & Abused Patients

Healthcare providers are in a unique position to recognize and treat behavioral health patients, as well as victims of abuse and violence. RSQ® Solutions - Behavioral Health & Violence Education Program gives your clinicians the tools necessary to recognize abuse and to handle the calming, care coordination and ED treatment of psychiatric patients.

Tools to Recognize Abuse & Treat Behavioral Health Patients

Behavioral Health & Violence Library

Courses Include:

Boarding in the ED

Danger to Self & Others

Evaluation of the Suicidal Patient

The Medical Evaluation

The Opioid Crisis: An Overview

Courses Include:

Child Abuse

Elder Abuse: Detection & Prevention

Intimate Partner Violence: Recognizing & Care for Victims

Courses Include:

Active Shooter in a Healthcare Environment

Preventing & Responding to Workplace Violence

Workplace Violence in the Healthcare Setting

Targeting Care of Difficult Patients

"These courses explained how to clear a pysch patient, what to do with boarding and how to handle suicidal patients. Tangible concepts and training that will affect my practice."

Greg C.

Improving Competency of Abuse Recognition

"These four courses on child abuse are the best you'll get in an online program. They should be required for every ER doc and pediatrician. "

Tom W.

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