Reduce Medical Errors & Limit Risk Exposure

Deliver key risk and safety principles to your staff that span the spectrum of healthcare. This RSQ® Solutions - Patient Safety Fundamentals Program places case-based courses at the fingertips of your staff that complements the national patient safety guidelines.

Place the Fundamentals of Patient Safety at Your Clinicians' Fingertips

Comprehensive Patient Safety Fundamentals Library

Courses Include:

Communication Strategies to Improve Patient Safety in High-Risk Situations

Handoffs, Transitions, Discharges: Key Moments in Patient Care

Courses Include:

Active Shooter in a Healthcare Environment

Batch Events: Catastrophic System Risk

Creating a Culture of Safety

Essentials of Patient Safety

Courses Include:

11 Simple Strategies to Prevent Medication Errors

Prevention of Medical Errors

Technology Revolution: Improving Patient Safety, Reducing Liability

Courses Include:

Cognitive Errors in Medicine: Parts 1 & 2

Courses Include:

Healthcare-Associated Infections

Never Events


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