Communicate Effectively After an Adverse Event

Most medical errors and resulting litigation involve failures of communication. Enable effective post-event communication with our RSQ® Solutions - Communication & Resolution Program. This scalable program teaches your staff the basics of empathy and effective patient communication that result in increased patient and provider satisfaction and decreased litigation risk.

Arm Your Clinicians with the Tools to Empathize without Admitting Fault

Communication & Resolution Video Library

Courses Include:

Explore the communication and resolution movement via case studies, Learn a method of communicating bad news to patients who experience unanticipated adverse outcomes as a result of a medical error, as well as disclosure, apology & offer.

Courses Include:

Differentiate between empathy and apology and when each is appropriate, Explain how empathy influences patient and provider satisfaction and the financial well-being of your hospital, Illustrate what happens when open communication is not used.

Courses Include:

Refresh staff member with this quick communication and resolution video overview to review if an adverse event happens, including how to communicate with a combative family member and tips to communicate effectively.

Case-Based Video Scenarios Outline Right & Wrong Way to Interact

"This course was beautifully done. Very Engaging. I liked the short videos with experts."

Ross W.

Teaching Critical Communication Skills

"Appreciated the videos that were interspersed in the learning. Really reinforced the points!"

Richard L.

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