Video_ AMAPatients Who Leave Against Medical Advice

Why Not Just Let Them Go?

No matter how hard we try or how fast we work, a few patients will always choose to leave before an evaluation is complete—and against medical advice (AMA). Available data shows that about 1.2% of ED patients leave AMA. Unwise management of the AMA patient results in patient and provider dissatisfaction, can threaten patient safety, and sometimes can result in malpractice litigation. Join Dr. Tom Syzek as he explains the inherent risks associated with AMA patients. 

In this video you'll learn:

  • 11 Do’s & Don’ts when handling patients leaving AMA 
  • Best practices on “Leaving AMA” Chart documentation 
  • How to handle an informed refusal of a procedure.


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About the Speaker: 

Syzek-Tom_100x120_WebsiteTom Syzek MD, FACEP

Dr. Syzek completed his MD degree and residency training in Ohio. He is a board certified Emergency Physician, a member of the American Society for Healthcare Risk Management, and a Fellow in the American College of Emergency Physicians. His career spans 33 years as a family and emergency physician in Colorado and Ohio. Dr. Syzek wore many hats with Premier Physician Services, a regional emergency physician group practice with over 400 physicians. He served as Chief Clinical Risk Officer and President of Pinnacle Medical Protective, SPC, a physician liability insurance company in Georgetown, Grand Cayman. Dr. Syzek is VP of e-Learning Services at The Sullivan Group, a leading provider of patient safety, risk management, and performance improvement solutions for healthcare professionals.  Dr. Syzek is a frequent author and speaker on the topics of patient safety, risk reduction, litigation support, physician group risk management, and physician liability insurance.