Triage-Playbook-3Dcover_200x230pxPlaybook: Evaluating Triage Training Programs

Having an appreciation for the difficult and often risky role triage nurses play in the ED is important to consider when prioritizing the resources needed to train staff on a five-level triage sorting process.

This Triage Playbook is designed to provide guidance for clinical leadership and hospital administrators as they develop their strategy for implementing a sustainable triage training program that will:

  • Create a safer environment for patients.
  • Reduce exposure to liability and violations.
  • Improve the patient experience.

After reviewing this playbook, you will have a greater appreciation for: 

  • The negative impact that inadequate and ineffective triage processes can have on your organization.
  • The key attributes and best practices for designing a sustainable training program that results in measurable change.
  • The best way to identify funding sources to support a triage training program.

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