Obstetrics Playbook thumbnail.jpgOBSTETRICS PLAYBOOK: 7 Tools & Strategies to Improve Patient Safety

While the frequency of adverse events and resulting litigation in obstetrics is low, errors that do happen are often more catastrophic, severe and emotionally exhausting than other areas of healthcare. 

This Obstetrics Playbook is designed to provide guidance in the form of tangible tools and strategies for clinical leadership and hospital administrators as they develop a sustainable program that will:

  • Ensure high-quality obstetric care.
  • Reduce the likelihood of adverse events.
  • Reduce the incidence of malpractice litigation in obstetrics.

After reviewing this playbook, you will be armed with: 

  • Strategies to strengthen clinician onboarding processes, as well as ongoing clinical education and simulation training.
  • Recommendations for the development of guidelines and checklists to improve outcomes.
  • Indicators by which to measure improvements in patient safety.
  • Additional resources to evaluate your department's performance.

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