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The Clinician's Corner
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Hospital leadership would likely name sepsis as their highest current priority. Getting practitioners and systems in place to reliably recognize the indicators of sepsis and act upon them is difficult, especially when, as humans, we experience cognitive bias and anchoring. Read this case for perspective.

Obstetrics Playbook: 7 Tools & Strategies to Improve Patient Safety

While the frequency of adverse events and resulting litigation in obstetrics is low, errors that do happen are often more catastrophic, severe and emotionally exhausting than other areas of healthcare. This Obstetrics Playbook is designed to provide guidance in the form of tangible tools and strategies for clinical leadership and hospital administrators as they develop a sustainable program that will:

  • Ensure high-quality obstetric care.
  • Reduce the likelihood of adverse events.
  • Reduce the incidence of malpractice litigation in obstetrics.
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The Opioid Epidemic: From Poppies to People
etime   September 14, 2017  |  1:00 pm ET   euser   Tom Syzek, MD, FACEP 

For the past two decades, the US has experienced alarming rates of opioid use, misuse, abuse, and overdose deaths, and we are now ground zero for the opioid epidemic. This epidemic is rife with risks for patients, practitioners, insurers, healthcare organizations, communities, and our entire society.

Join Dr. Tom Syzek, veteran emergency physician and VP of e-Learning at The Sullivan Group, for an overview of the opioid epidemic as he examines:

  • The current trends in opioid use/misuse and heroin abuse
  • Alternatives to opioid therapy in clinical practice
  • Strategies to reduce harm from opioid prescribing and abuse
INFOGRAPHIC: Understanding Diagnostic Error

According to a 2007-2013 closed claims analysis from The Doctors Company, missed or delayed diagnoses are responsible for 57% of malpractice claims in emergency medicine. Before we can design patient safety intiatives to address diagnostic error, we must first understand the breadth of the issue. This infographic outlines the scope of diagnostic error and where the diagnostic process can break down leading to error.

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